With semi permanent eyelash extensions you will be amazed at how light weight the lashes are and how beautifully enhanced your eyes look. Celebrities get them regularly before red carpet events. Thanks to Lavish Lashes your eyelashes will look longer, thicker and more LAVISH! Even closeup, they will look perfectly natural, yet striking and seductive. Your eyes will stand out, looking like you had taken extra care with your makeup. Lavish Lashes is at the forefront of the ‘lash extension’ industry in the US. We are now able to offer this product to you !



        We offer eyebrow tinting, which enhances the natural beauty of your eyes and is great for ladies who have fair eyebrows or for those of you who use eyebrow pencils. We can make your eyebrows and eyelashes darker with eyebrow tinting.

        Please be aware that you are required to have a tint test 24-hours before any tinting treatments.

        This involves a small amount of tint being applied on inside of wrist or behind the ear for us to test for any skin irritations.