The difference in gel and acrylic

    GEL - gel-like product and only cures under UV or LED lamp. Will not air dry.:

    Type of gel:

  1. Hard gel – final gel nail appears hard when extension is done. Can or cannot be soaked off.
  2. Soft gel – final gel nail appears soft when overlay is done, usually not used for extensions. Can be soaked off.
  3. Traditional gel – final gel nail that cannot be soaked off. Traditional gel is not equivalent to hard gel.
  4. Soak off gel – final gel nails that can be soaked off. Soak off gel is not equivalent to soft gel.
  5. ACRYLIC - using monomer and acrylic powder to sculpture extensions, or to create embossed/3D nail art. Dries up and harden in seconds to minutes, UV/LED lamp not required.